Thursday, 3 September 2015

River Territory & Railroad

New territory released September 3, 2015 called River!  You can access the River from your Map icon.  It will cost you 15 food to travel

This unique update offers players an extra source for obtaining materials, serves as another locale for placing workshops, potteries, smithys and other material-processing structures, huntsmen tents, etc.  This territory mirrors Cloud Lands in that it offers more functionality! 

HIDDEN NUGGETS! There are hidden gold nuggets at the River Territory 

A new character introduced is Uncle Tom. He is somewhat of a hoarder and many items can be found at his house, a place where you will do exchanges or barter for items! Very much like Cloudy Lands Trading Shop!

2 more new characters are Billy & Willy and they will be our resident huntsmen living at the River!

Get ready to set up a place for Billy & Willy to hang their dirty laundry, unlock new expanded space, and construct a railway bridge in preparation for a Railway Station which will be introduced in a future released update!

Other than building up the new River territory, the only other changes with this update include a new Railway Collection, and NEW INGREDIENT: GRAVEL which can now be produced in the Pottery (x5) as well as in the Rock Quarry (x10).

***There will be a goal requiring players to place a huntsmen tent. You will need to UNLOCK the area of land South of the river, place huntsmen tent there. 

A series of quests accompany this update.  In order to begin this update and work on quests, you must first travel to the River to begin.

Your first 2 introductory goals are called Territory for Sale & Clyde's Hammer. Completion of these goals will unleash a fury of sub goals which will set up your new territory!

Use the tabs at the top of this document to guide you along your journey! 

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